Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - It's a Demo lyrics

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<It's a demo> (x4)

People in the audience Kool G Rap is my name

I write rhymes and insert them inside your brain

And DJ Polo, the man I'm behind

He operates the turntables when I'm rocking my rhymes, see...

<It's a demo> (x4)

Psychopath on the phonograph, nut of the cuts

You heard the boy slice, is he nice or what?

He's the main entertainer inside the show

And he goes by the name of DJ Polo, see...

<It's a demo> (x4)

I supply the data, he's the wheel operator

We're walking tall and we're called the terminators

I'm Kool G Rap, and he's Polo

He cuts like a pro when I go solo

He's a record spinner winner, that you can bet

Eats DJ's for dinner on his table set

With cuts he concocts and the party rocks

DJ's want to Xerox it out the box

A professional performer, wheels of steel trainer

One hundred percent excellent entertainer

The maker and creator of the lyrical line

Idea of Shakespeare, the mind of Einstein

Surrender, pretender, you don't exist

As a vocalist, so you can kiss this

I'm Kool G Rap, greatest of all times

And you can see it, inside my rhymes

See it's a demo

<It's a demo> (x4)

My recital will form a musical brainstorm

Powerful sound waves where ear drums are torn

The performer recites, competitors ignite

Audiences tonight I came to incite

Fascinating results, a defeat will be difficult

Equivalent to a thousand volts

To my brief rap speech you attach like a leech

Examine when I'm jamming and when I preach

Before I'm completed, you will all be deleted

You said I sucked, instead I succeeded

Fan fascinator, I supply data

According to the groove, I'm a real smooth operator

I activate a musical device

Dialogues are concise, no need to splice

My system contains musical rap rain

Instrumentals inserted inside your brain

All levels rate low with a medium tempo

I give a dramatical cameo show

And now you know DJ Polo

These party people are ready to go

See it's a demo

<It's a demo> (x4)

Better than a Snicker when it comes to a snack

I go solo with Polo when I'm in combat

I'm the MC humanoid and I just get annoyed

Boy you'll be destroyed cause you copy like a Polaroid

Coming like a meteor inside any area

Make the people merrier, vicious like a terrier

Like a terrorist, I will terrorize

Telling any territory I'm a glory enterprise

The microphone fanatic, cause I'm the Asiatic

Brotherman from the motherland, rappers automatic

Ly suffer as I suffocate, then I start to alienate

Make you an inmate, so you cannot retaliate

Mutilate at a rate to penetrate you

No other crew can rescue

My talents are balanced my audience is silent

MC's stop biting or I'll get violent

It's a demo...

<It's a demo> (x4)

I take a scene to the extreme

To the climax and those who sleep will have a wet dream

So don't even quote what you write is dolt

Your rhymes are small-time through a microscope

More cooler than an Ice Ages

Biters, let the effective students walk through my white pages

Different stages of rage that I'm going through

And like an owl, you'll know who to

Feed your greed, you want and need

The rhymes that you carefully read, but your eyes bleed

Cause my fury is scary

And if you bite, you'll be leaving all your teeth for the Tooth Fairy

Go ahead and dare me, if you think I'm joking or playing

When you're feeling what I'm saying, you'll be kneeling and praying

Then I release steam like a radiator

And attack MC's like a gladiator

As my talent proceeds to grow, yo

This ain't the end of the show, it's a demo

<It's a demo> (x5)

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