KOKANE - U Hear Me lyrics

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I know you hear me

I know you see me,

What you want fool

Hey whasup

I knwoy ou hear me nigga

Listen up nigga

I know you hear me nigga

Niggas they talking loud like they move in the crowd

But they don’t be moving nothing but they motherfucker mouth

You scary as nigga cleaming that you a rider

Thought guy just like Barry Wipe Piper

Square and they prove, table alright tagle

Round up get in the dick shut trascel

I don’t know these niggas cuz the game is rangel

I ain’t stag chips just like prims

Me and my niggas lease the suprem, we dumping without home

Said I quick to play a bitck like a fucking piano

Some niggas they like to kick it like ooh what a baby

Cuz niggas be straching the truth like African tides

Alley bumba coke I’m no joke

Use to let the mic smoke now slammy when it’s broke

Niggas can’t see me, three D about focus

Jeas’ moving like my niga wisel loco

Let’s go

I know you hear me nigga

Listen up nigga

I know you hear me nigga

Let’s go, put your hoodies up, alright pit the treavor

Are you see this two plane

I don’t think they see what they on

Made the difference, all the day it’s take theday long aa

Cut the wipping got some new interest to stay on

Put the pain on that new nigga that hate on

My name is on the wall I say , while I stay on this list

LA you can tell ‚em high but also tell ‚em you can still tell when they telling lies on

On the rise blessing in the sky

Eyes of a kilelr with obligation of wild fault

Oh my God free my nigas doing though

Fuck the bitches zipping liquer, tell the whores to get in line for sure

And you know the jelousy should be a crime

They feel me when they hear me

And they hear me when I ryme

I just won’t respond and non if you decline

The gran is some serious, I’m in this shit that shine

Let’s go

I know you hear me niggas

Listen up niggas

I know you hear me niggas

I know it

Niggas be talking loud, I’m a dupping real rould

Knocking half of you brains out

Nina load it in house

Send it all congrats now like I’m rushing my style

Cash, count nigga you figure blood come gush now

Penetenciary proud with a murder as smile

Murder as crowd, how the fuck this nigga is loud

To get two steps South when you know it’s about

To be a problem when you see me moving around

Give me hibby-chibes when he’s moving about

Past movie be out of film

I won’t sue you look it’s no hustle be hang like tasle

Smashing all these aswels, stuck like, stuck in castro

I’m so pastro, a cook with a castle

Draped nothing but nights in cooks and castle

I took my last pool now hi see it, feel it, I hear it

Let’s go

I know you hear me niggas

Listen up niggas

I know you hear me niggas

Hey talk to these nigga

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