Kjwan - Pause

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I thought I didn't need you<br />

Thought I could rule the world without you by my side<br />

As the world bears down on my shoulders<br />

I find the fear doesn't subside<br />

<br />

Where have you been?<br />

I've been so alone<br />

I don't know how I've lasted this long<br />

<br />

You said "The fires won't consume you, <br />

And in the rivers you won't drown"<br />

I wish to pause this moment<br />

'Cause as I cry I start to realize<br />

What's missing was you<br />

<br />

I need you<br />

You give me strength<br />

You take away my fear<br />

There was a void in my heart that only you could fill

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