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Kirko Bangz - White Iverson (Freestyle) lyrics

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I know ya tired, can't take no mo'

But every time I let ya down ya want me mo'

Ya hearing rumors in my town, let that shit go

All these niggas talkin' bout me cuz they know I get it popping

Girl I smack ya on yo ass when I know ya mad

And every time I piss ya off girl that's anotha bad

I can't believe that ya found out I had anotha pad

Inside I'm still a nigga but wheneva I'm wit ya I act like


white Iverson, white Iverson

Ya think I'm layin' up wit ya but I still shoot my shot

Oh yeah, white Iverson white Iverson

Ya think I'm layin' up wit ya but I'm still shootin' shots

Oh yeah

White Iverson

I got em' all I don't drop no dimes

I do not practice girl I got game

And I probably be 40 but I don't really aim


I know that I'm selfish, know that I'm selfish thinkin' 'bout myself

Don't care what nobody think about me I'ma be myself

When I'm in yo body that is a party

That's why ya luv me, that's why ya fuck me

That's why I piss ya off every damn mornin' and ya still suck me

White Iverson, I know that ya feel me like Philly ya trust me

White Iverson, my city they hate me mo' than they luv me

White Iverson & that's why I do ya so wrong

My luv is not strong, I'm chasin' the throne

I'm hogging the rock and I'm back in my zone

(Verse 2)

And I'ma take this moment to show how I feel

It's like a nigga eatin' oranges, had to show my appeal

I ain't in the Ivy League but the ho still here

The whole set dipped on me like the old Juelz

Cuz they thought I was stuck like a whale in a well

The young nigga got bars I ain't got bail

Me and my nigga D-Will we ain't got no help

But nigga we ain't neva trip like Shaq Onneal

I'm feelin' like old myself in 2012

But a lot mo' bigger and without that girl

Funny how I learned the most when I had the least

Too many niggas was talkin' and I pass the street

I was droppin' passive shit, they passed on me

And rode me off like a nigga had a cast on me

I done took too many casualties casually

And hearin' all my people strugglin' it's embarrassin' me


White Iverson, white Iverson

I tried to cova it all up

White Iverson, white Iverson

I'm 'bout to show ya the real me and take that jersey off

Yeah yeah

I'm 'bout to show ya my scars

Take the jersey off

Yeah yeah

I'm 'bout to show ya my scars

White Iverson, white Iverson

White Iverson, white Iverson

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