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Kirko Bangz - Nae Nae lyrics

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I fuck your bitch and I make her sleep on the floor

She suck my dick and then she skinnon my nose

A face looks like a couple of synonym roles

And I tell that hoe

Bitch,come and give me my role

You know it’s Versacci don’t drag it on the floor

She is tryin’ to stop and drop

Lookin’ at me like I got a million soul

And she’s the first to get a picture when I walk in the store

My car got candy

My train got candy

I’m grippin’ on the wood like a first night…

Your bitch hang around like the star and the sandy

Cause I’m walking on grain like my nigga called Bamby

I got more rail than a damn train

…my dick grows more like a damn …

And I think she’s gonna let us like the damn old…

I guess that because I’m a dog

And because I’m sick

Bitch gonna shave ,you’re too old fo that shorty

Don’t be using teeth

You’re too old

That’s so childish

Baby come and find me

Hey nae nae

Horse on the way

…cause you know that they gonna pay you

We gonna bust a gal

And we gonna split both ways

And girl I got the hook up in the garage

I’m hoping on stars…

And I only come to Earth to come and pick up…

Hey nae nae,hold up

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