Kirko Bangz

Kirko Bangz - I'm On

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I'm on, I'm on, whoa X 5

Look, people looking over me, bitches laying under me

But sexing doesn't cure all the shit that people did done to me

Niggas acting like all that I got, I got it luckily

But luckily, you niggas ain't got the nerve to come to me

You ain't heard enough of me, and when you heard enough of me

I can go to booth and show you niggas there's another me

Everybody loving me, niggas so lame, niggas so fake

Instead of just saying you don't fuck with me

These internet bloggers they really down with this hogging

And how we switching our lanes, they call you whatchamacallit

They know this nigga a problem

I'm flier than intercontinental winter

Angels passing I'm on my way to heaven in a rental

Niggas pass, crooked ass, like my fucking...

I pull a bad ass bitch just cause I can get her

But I don't love her, I don't even gotta fuck her

Matter of fact, I can let her, I don't even gotta touch her

Way, speculating niggas need confirmation

It's speaking niggas will leak they pictures for a conversation

Niggas hating the hate, cause a nigga it ain't kinda made it

And I ain't saying that I'm great, but at least I'm up for debating

And fuck niggas that's waiting, I'm hungry and I can taste it

And ... every time I'm amazing, ... whole world trying to play it...

Cause everybody's a traitor, and everybody's a player but me

I just happen to graduate from them lay ups

And nobody owe you nothing

It's nothing where you can get up

Ain't no difference in the game

Being broke or being richer

Cause there's something you can have

Like another Popsicle,

In the fridge when you're 6 and you ain't tall enough to get it

Or the girl you cant get that

You should have never admit that

That you have feelings for her, then she tell you that it's really

That's the girl of your life and now you wanna go and end it

But keep it player my nigga, keep it player my nigga

If I wanted to get up, then ... I can lay her my nigga

The way that she be looking and fronting with all them niggas

And I seen her at the mall with all of them other niggas

Well, that's the way it should be

But tell a nigga about his bitch he like he could be

That's just nigga here wanna take my girl from me

Cause loyalty mistaken, when you're the one with the money

I'm on, I'm on, whoa X 5

tell let it go, let it go

Beautiful world, ah

Shit, beautiful world, looking like Tae Heckard

The killer with no effort

The style I got ...

Dress up my mind like ...

Flying through the sky, my time is my essence

I'm finding my measures, I'm climbing mount never

Cause ever time I reach another cliff

That's what they tell me, pull me down instead of help me

Call God he dont hear me

He act like he dont feel me. What's the purpose when a person aint a purpose till they wealthy

Till they worthy, I'm showing you signs

I ain't trying to blow your mind ....

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