KINGS OF SWING - U Know I Love Ya Baby

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[VERSE 1: Sugar Kay]

Girl, you look sweet, I wanna kiss your lip

Hold you in my arms and rotate your hip

I'm starin at your picture, wishin I was with ya

You know the deal, I could never forget ya

I always sit down and start to reminisce

About the first day we met, the first day we kissed

I always told you I wanna be an MC

And make a lotta records with the cash money

You said you was with it and everything was dear

But things started changing when my music career

Took off and went 'boom!' just like a sky rocket

The only difference is: I got money in my pocket

I'm gettin paid and the whole shabang

But without you, yo, the money ain't nothing

You doubted me as I went on tour

But you can't understand that my love is raw

If I was to lose ya, man, I'd go crazy

My man is Sugar Kay, come on, you know I love you, baby

[VERSE 2: Mike Master]

Girl, you know how I feel, so don't believe the hype

That rappers do shows, then skeeze all night

I'm not all about that, because I'm all about you

When I step off stage I sip a forty of brew

Sign a couple of autographs, then I'm back in my room

At the Hiatt, or should I say the Temple of Doom

Because without you happiness seems to fade

It's been a couple of days and it's a new decade

Now I feel like I spent 10 years away

Keep droppin all my problems on my homeboy Kay

Tell him what your friends tell you, then how you ignore me

You can't put every rapper in the same category

Cause a magazine prints gossip and nonsense

It's got you cold buggin, and now you're convinced

That I'm just like the others, not a true blue man

You'll understand, I'm not lookin for a one night stand

Listen close to what I'm sayin before you degrade me

Girl, you're too good for that, you know I love you, baby

[VERSE 3: Sugar Kay]

Girl, I'm feelin good, that's why I wrote this song

To make sure you understand that my love is strong

I said it and wrote it and you can tape it and quote it

To make sure you understand that my love is devoted

I'm in the videos and drive the fancy cars

But let me tell you now: you're my shining star

You shine all day, you shine all night

You shine brighter than a Broadway light

Girl, you don't know how much you mean to me

I'm with the Kings of Swing, but you're royalty

I appreciate every damn thing you done

You helped me get started since day one

Since I was a new jack tryin to shop out the demo tape

Me and Mike Master willin to get a break

The tables turned, now the Kings are swingin

People like the funky new music we're bringin

The money, the fortune and fame'll never phase me

I'm Sugar Kay, come on, you know I love you, baby

[Mike Master]

Hey yo Kay


That was smooth, you know what I'm sayin?

Our girls have to understand

It ain't all about skeezin and pleasin

And that's just one of the reasons

Why we had to write this song

He yo Terrence, take us home

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