KINGS OF SWING - Swing Fever lyrics

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[Mike Master]

Catch a fever, I'm sweatin cause I'm eager

To grab the microphone and relieve the

Pain that you sustain, feels like a migraine

Entering your body, wrecking nerves in your membrane

Bust out my seam, what you're feelin is torture

You waited for the Kings Of Swing, so we brought ya

Something to amaze you in disbelief

S-w-i-n-g - yo, spells relief

And I'm the Chief Mack Daddy, almighty Mike Master

Givin you more than you could possibly ask for

Readin suckers like a book, they can't understand

The way I motivate the crowd to make em clap their hands

I'm makin waves like a ocean, flowin like a river

Make you drunk like a skunk cause I'm hard like liquor

So take a plunge and let your mind explore

You experience trauma like never before

It's an open invitation for you and your crew

Most exciting epidemic since the boogaloo flu

It'll burn ya hot but it'll please ya

Coast to coast you get a dose of the most, so catch a Swing Fever

[Sugar Kay]

Check your temperature, 212 degrees

You feel your forehead, you feel fatigue

I never seen a group like this since the Beatles

People goin crazy when the wax hit the needle

See us on your TV, pumpin out your box

The Kings Of Swing spreadin like the chicken pox

Cocoa Channelle controls the intro

Cripplin DJ's like disease called polio

That's my DJ, she's rockin, you're not

She's on the 1200 and the girl can jock

Sugar Kay and Mike Master - contagious

See us on the stage, girlies goin outrageous

We ain't souped, you know the scoop

We got to pump the lines with the funky loop

You put this all together, you see what you got

You make an appointment to see the doc

You walk in the office, he knows this for sure

You bought the Swing album, so there ain't no cure

You got a taste of the King syndrome

You get hype everytime we touch the microphone

You ain't a believer, step to your receiver

Turn up the radio - huh, catch a Swing Fever

[DJ Cocoa Channelle cuts up]

(You'll feel it, you'll hear it)

(Feel the music)


Catch a swing fever, catch it while it's hot

The Kings are smokin and we rock non-stop

We said it before, we'll say it once more

The Kings Of Swing is def, dope, hype and raw

Smooth and poetic, get rough and energetic

In a sticky situation I'm not the one to sweat it

Got the mind of a scientist, skill of a surgeon

Cocoa rubs her fingertips as I'm submergin

Out of the crowd, gettin witty and slick

Playin the hitman role like in a gangster flick

Suckers run for the door but it's locked, they're trapped

Now I'm beatin em down (yo, they shoulda came strapped)

Fully prepared to cause a third world war

Like the battles that we had at the old black door

I kept MC's in fear while I guzzled my beer

Now I got the punks runnin like diarrhea

So join the fanclub, sucker, relax and catch a breather

There is no escape from my wrath - huh, catch a Swing Fever

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