KINGS OF SWING - Strategy lyrics

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[MC Lyte] (Useful strategy)

[VERSE 1: Sugar Ray]

Standin over the mic, gettin deeper in thought

Brain cells amplifyin at a 1000 volts

Rhymes combined and musically designed

While my DJ rock the funky beats all the time

I'm usin strategy, leavin suckers in the dust

You know it's us, the Kings cold crush

Makin a move to a swing-swing groove

I bet you nod your head, cause I got nothin to lose

And never singin the blues and never steppin off track

Makin funky records from back to back to back

Well, that's my strategy and part of the gameplan

While you're hearin this, I'm workin on the next jam

I devastate the whole industry

I rock the funky beats and rhymes with telepathy

Well, it's confusin but amusin, some amaze me in rap

Brothers makin hit records that ain't all that

But the subject to the matter don't apply to me

Because my name is Sugar Ray, and the rhymes are so funky

You wanna battle? Call my company

You catch a beatdown, I'm usin strategy

Kick it

[VERSE 2: Mike Master]

I treat suckers like a boardgame, and relate em to chess

I check-mate em and I raid em cause the punk ain't fresh

He can't make a move, he can't make you jump

I'm Mike Master, ready to hump and pump

I mean a winner with a creative mind

I got a high i.q. like Albert E. Einstein

Now here's my theory on strategy you can't debate

Suckers never take time to concentrate

I get delirious when I hear a rap song

No concepts, no ideas, so what the hell is goin on?

Some rappers are good, and some rappers are dope

But the majority just keep relyin on hope

You can't portray an MC, you gots to be an MC

If not, put down your microphone and watch me

Cause I do the things like you never did

I'm like a hardrock on stage, but not a gangster kid

So if you wanna battle, call my company

You catch a beatdown, I'm usin strategy

Kick it

(Useful strategy)

[VERSE 3: Sugar Kay & Mike Master]

The style of the crew's too hip, so come equipped

So if you plan on battlin, you're [fuckin] with a battleship

The Kings of Swing is large and takin charge

Of the whole entourage while Cocoa steers the barge

Of the beats that the King of Chill programmed

He's on the board this time to slam and bam - damn!

And if you're smart, you won't confront nor war

And if you plan on battlin, we steppin to your front door

You wanna battle? Call my company

We're goin Rambo, we're usin strategy

Kick it


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