KINGS OF SWING - Nod Your Head To This lyrics

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[VERSE 1: Sugar Kay]

Well, it's the king, it's the bumrush with the swing

Check out the funky new dope style that I bring

I'm Sugar Kay, yeah, it sounds funky

Special equipped for this microphone junkie

Cocoa Chanelle rocks the beats up on the intro

Cuts upon the fader with the hands, with an elbow

She's my DJ, she keeps the beats movin

She's a female and she keeps on groovin

Whipped this on your head, I thought you was retarted

Nodded your head and didn't realize you started

This funky jam that you can't resist

The name of this one's called 'Nod Your Head to This'

Nod your head to this [x3]

[VERSE 2: Mike Master]

Now I'm speakin like a deacon, cold servin like a pastor

Preachin like a reverend, I'm the microphone master

Bust the funky rhymes that keep you on the go

That make you nod your head steady in a bodily flow

I keep humpin, pumpin to get the party jumpin

Never perpetratin, cause I'm not about frontin

Just givin what you want is somethin funky like this

Just like a girl you wanna ride and catchin sexual bliss

And yes, I'm comin fully charged, equipped and packed

To make your head bob and weave and swing forth and back

It's like a Tyson bout and this is main event

And I'm electrifyin the minds of all the ladies and gents

Cold swingin things the way it's supposed to be

To make you nod your head, yo, simultaneously

To a groove that makes you move and keeps you in sync

Just like you're tappin your feet, yo, you do not think

About what you're doin, but you can't resist

The Kings of Swing is in the house, and hey yo, nod your head to this

Nod your head to this [x2]

It sounds funky

[VERSE 3: Sugar Kay]

Catch the Swing fever, catch it while it's hot

The Kings is smokin and we rock non-stop

Your temperature's risin, your brain's gettin numb

This is only a dose, wait till the album comes

With more beats to hump, nod your head and get dumb

So if you wanna battle, come, come, come, come

Cause I'm poetically inclined to find a rhyme all the time

To fit a funky beat with keyboards behind

The SP-12, hittin the switcher keys

Noddin your head to dope beats like these

This is a spirit, you'll feel it, you'll hear it

The only difference is, yo, you can't get near it

And in the process suckers get pissed

Because they got caught - noddin they head to this

Nod your head to this [x2]

It sounds funky

Kings of Swing in full effect

Milk and Giz

Nod your head to this

Michie Mee

Nod your head to this

Yo, Pos

Nod your head to this

MC Peaches

Nod your head to this

MC Lyte

Nod your head to this

Lazy Laz

Nod your head to this

DJ K-Rock

Nod your head to this

Yo, Chanelle

Nod your head to this

Nod your head to this [x2]

Sounds funky

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