KINGS OF SWING - Funky Breakdown lyrics

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[DJ Cocoa Channelle cuts up]

[T La Rock] (Breakdown)

[Sugar Kay]

Step into the dangerzone and get blown

The microphone junkie's on the microphone

I ain't a joke, nothin like Bob Hope

I make real rap songs, hard and cock-strong

You'll never catch us making a rock song

The Kings Of Swing is not nothin to sleep on

I'm Sugar Kay, the poet, the mike supreme

Grippin the mic with the gangster lean

I'm like Moses, I can part the Red Sea

You wanna step up, huh, and try to mess with thee?

Please, I make you bow down to your knees

Sugar Kay is murderin MC's

I'm Asiatic, rhymes get dramatic

If I see a fly cutie, huh, I gotta tap it

My style's unique and all the girls I keep in heat

I'm Sugar Kay, I got a funky technique

I bag and bruise all the hoes I like to choose

Are steppin to it cause I got the tools

Spread the news, I got a new sound

So Milk Dee, let me get a funky breakdown

[T La Rock] (Break)

[L.L. Cool J] (Down)

[Mike Master]

Grab a hold of yourself and let the dopeness flow

Within your bloodstream runnin like H2O

Yo, the man, the myth, never puffin a spliff

Just gettin blunted on the mic and keepin suckers scared stiff

I'm the Mike Master, also the mike deacon

Servin somethin funky everytime you hear me speakin

Givin you more than what you bargained for

I'm like Jordan on the mike and I'm bound to score

So flow into a midst of clouds and I guide you

Let our spirits enhance as I get inside you

Beat your soul, then gain control

Of your mind and your body with a drumroll

Broken down in my rhyme, put together combined

Into the musical aspect of a artist design

The almighty on the strength we're goin the length

Check out my lyrical ecstacy, it's self-evident

I'll take a dead crowd and make em all come alive

Let the funk flow cause I'm dopedafied

And qualified to break and rip your whole town

So Milk Dee, let me get a funky breakdown

[Sugar Kay]

Check out the beat, the bass, the tone, the sound

When we start rockin suckers catch a nervous breakdown

Here's the breakdown, rhymes I lay down

So if you wanna step up, huh, you better stay down

I'm so precise and nice, you think twice

I treat you like a hustle when I'm shootin the dice

My advice you get ice, so bust a move

You catch a beatdown if you're steppin to this gangster groove

I'm Sugar Kay, the best you could get

So Mike Master (yo) get ready, get set

[Mike Master]

I'm so smooth and raw, you want more

Stickin a mike until the cord gets sore

Therefore prepare to wear and tear

The whole dancefloor cause the Kings is in here

Makin it rough, makin it tough

Cause I got the stuff, you can't get enough

Of the way that it's done like, serious as a gunfight

So put your guards up because I'm rockin tonight

Cocoa Channelle controls the funkyness, the flow of the sound

So Milk Dee, let me get a funky breakdown

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