KINGS OF SWING - 2 Minutes of Funk lyrics

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[Sugar Kay]

I'm the foremost rap master, yes, I do cast a spell

(On the ladies) but I don't kiss and tell

And if you don't know me well that's your loss

I'm Sugar Kay, servin a three course

Meal, so get ready to chow down

Yo Mike Master, huh, how that sound?

(Ah yeah, like a winner)

But guess who's coming to dinner?

All MC's and DJ's too

Singin the blues cause they can't get jazzy

Or grab the mic and swing the funk dope as we

I'm Sugar Kay and this is the Kings of Swing

And wherever we go, yo, we gots to bring

The funky dope rhythm that'll hit

So all competition, I suggest ya don't quit

Your day job, yo, we gave a fair warning

We goin on to the break of dawn, see you in the morning

[Mike Master]

Clap your hand as I command the dance

In the family you know I wear the pants

In a cast of thousands I get the leading role

Cause I'm deadly, black and bold

Mike Master, the ghetto blaster

Don't go against the King cause you know you won't last a

Minute and a half

I get in it and laugh

And when win it (say what?) you be left in bloodbath

Here's the jigsaw, pick up the pieces

I won't stop until the beat ceases

To exist

(But yo hold up this beat is groovin kinda funky)

True, so yo, bust this

I'm the Mike Master, down with the Kings Of Swing

And wherever we go, yo, we gots to bring

A funky dope rhythm that'll hit

Step on prides and make MC's admit

The truth, hard to face, but it'll set you free

Kay, what you think about that? (Sounds funky)

[Sugar Kay]

Kings Of Swing in the house

Cocoa Channelle on the wheels of steel, boy

[ Mike Master ]

Ah yeah, gettin funky, huh

[Sugar Kay]

Yeah, King Of Chill produce and get loose, uknowmsayin?

[Mike Master]


[Sugar Kay]


Yo Mike, it's on Virgin

[Mike Master]



[Sugar Kay]


[Sugar Kay]

Yoram engineerin

Yo, it gots to be funky

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