King Ray

King Ray - 88 Fresh

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(Hook x2)

Bitch I'm 88 fresh, like a pack of propane

Give a fuck about a hater, don't play fuck boy games

Pussy pussy nigga mad cuz I'm doin' my thing

All these fuck ass niggas know it's Ray through the game


Act a fool in the club, I'm at the bar blowin' bands

Drivin' hoes in my whip, I got bad bitch fans

Nigga, 88 fresh, lookin' like a clean ki

Nigga, disrespect the game, I know a lawyer T the Key

Got them haters and them layers, come and see about a G

Fuck nigga frustrated, they don't see it how I see

Paper paper stackin' tall, all designer key code

Out there reach to hit a lick, that's a fuckin' free throw

Money, money ballin' harder, add a couple zeros

I got molly, I got zannies, bad bitches, no clothes

Niggas have you pull up in those Forgiatos

Lamborghini or Ferrari, I killed the parking lot, I'm sorry

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2)

My momma's stacked to the feelin', my kids ain't got no feelins

They say I'm cold hearted, low down ain't have no feelins

My dick in yo girl mouth like the dentist, check yo feelings

On my grind might make a million, until I make a milli

RIP my _______(?) said a prayer when I walked in

I luv to talk money, don't know what these niggas talkin' bout

Ball harder than a ______(?), got more rich than some may call it

I get more head then cuz I'm headlights crawlin''


Nah-nah-now what the fuck these niggas talkin' bout?

I got shoes to blow yo top out

I'll make ya niggas cash out

Put tatter to yo tip then pull the trigger, smash out!

(Hook x2)

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