King Louie

King Louie - Sheesh

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Feat. Chi Hoover


It's what we trained to do



These niggas vagina, my gunhole vagina

Let a nigga chop a thot on nobody

Pistol her hair, bullet her linin'

Should be in New York, I feel like a giant

I grew up in Dallas, ?

You should be sorry, young killaz get violent

Shoes only ridin', lookin' for ops to ride on

See them niggas and get on shit that they not on

I'm the shit, King Throne with a but on it

Hear 'em talkin' but they not on it

I weigh like an elephant

For bitches who sellin' it, smokin' on president

Thickin' on chickens, I'm sippin' on medicine

Watzon, a Maseratti, I do it for etiquette

I'm a god, gold wings cause I'm heaven sent

Ride around on that whateva shit

Shawty shootin' like a restaurant

Only fuck a bad bitch once

Shawty went cause of the restaurant

Yung nigga upper echelon

Executor, heath the evidence

Purple hearted, I'm a veteran

Lou Gatti and the way I party and the bad lady dress elegant

Down on the regular, not just to celebrate

Kill a fuck nigga, get away and celebrate



Hurry the murder rate

Blunt on my money, my money - yo momma

Bodies, they come to us all the time

Fuck around with the fuck around bitch

We don't fuck around, send 'em outside

All shawties they do it fo' me

Ah, this money, you do it fo' me

Movin' 100, that's me

Flexin', I'm juggin', I'm ballin'

All of these thotties they call me

Roll up on 'em, ride down so it's ride fo' women

Drug dealers, crackers, robbers, killaz they my niggas

I don' ... call it with my niggas, they demonic

30s on the 40s where the squad is

Stones and the chains and the watch

Bitch, gimme top

Tell ya girlfriend gimme bottle

Different on the satellite like Harlem to a spider

Muthafucka lookin' like a spider

200 when I hit the throttle

Man, I'm a man, I'm 100 again

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