King Louie

King Louie - IDK

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Feat. Katie Got Bandz


I bring you the streets, baby

Nation business


Lawyers fuck a day, put a fuck boy in the graveyard

Pussy and the stripper on the Internet, they stay high

That pussy make me strike hard, but that head make me stay high

Gollie in the streets, so when they see me they say Akon

Won the coolest fuck, but they is shoot up things like A Dawg

Let me get around it, I see fuss shit on the radar

My cousin gettin' bashed, so I'm bout to cop a laser

Clappin' on my vo fac, come thru active when it's night time

These niggas really bitches, I swear to god it night time

I like what I got on, all I smoke is that strong

I'm like what's wrong? Show up and fuck shit up

Show out and get hit out

Catie, my lil' sister, bounce on dick like Diddy

Ball hit bitch with dance moves

Bitch so good she need shoes

Guns on deck, I got to

I go up, I catch shoes

Hundred cracks, I know a black dude

Phone 'em be I got move

Lawless, I'm like fuck rules

Two thousand on the buckles

She treat me like chuckles

My pack got muscles

My car ain't got muscles

I smoke dope and bust moves

I smash on these fuck crews

I got guns for fuck dudes

So what, you got muscles

Fuck you and yo muscles, put you on a T-Shirt

Goons on that like we merc

I sleep in dirt

I smoke more than the first

This bitch want me in the verse

I smoke more than when I surf

Smerc yo ass, she get purse


Shit is crazy, gotta watch you hate me

They broke the seal, so they plottin'

Ain;'t no maybe, if I up the 80'

Start goin' crazy, niggas droppin'

'Pop Out'

Going so crazy

Every damn bitch

Going shopping

Finesse the plug

So I grab my Js

Like tow months

Before they dropping

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