Kimberly Jordan and Celtic Woman

Kimberly Jordan and Celtic Woman - You Are on My Side

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Here in my world

There will be super extreme softness and perfect fragrance

Where it is elegant to the view of my eyes

Showing the space where we can dance

I cannot live in my world alone

But there's time that I think we can bide

You're here with me in sincerity

'Cause you are on my side

[Chloë Agnew]:

I think you can guess

That I appear as your imaginary Irish angel

With a braid and some flowers upon my hair

Along with some pretty bows as well

But if you're alone, I'll stay in your heart

So our spirits will share the same pride

Just as a friend, I'll cancel the end

'Cause I am on your side

[Órla Fallon]:

Towards every strange living thing

I take myself easy while looking around

[Lisa Kelly]:

Me and my family will be soon connected

[Méav Ní Mhaolchatha]:

Even as I learn my mind's taking the sound

When your life begins

It all started with your mind that never had something

Until you heard every voice and sound

Like a song that I'm wanting to sing

[Lisa K]:

No mind just results in you out of control


But all of us are lucky like a bride

[Lisa K, Méav & Órla]:

Any different thing you do has the heart inside of you

'Cause we are on your side


It's clear that I had really touched two of you

On a different time of a different year


Perhaps we trade some pictures

[Lisa K]:

I know she didn't touch me

[Chloë & Lisa K]:

But she'll try to succeed her plans far and near


Like the grand park

We can share what our minds will help to share as we speak them

[Chloë & Lisa K]:

For the young and the old

[Méav & Órla]:

With the weak and the bold


This place will be my Jerusalem


And with all these good things mixed together

We can carry on with Sue and Clyde


I just love my own heart

[Celtic Woman]:

None of us are apart

[Kimberly/Celtic Woman]:

'Cause you are on my/'Cause we are on your



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