Kimberly Jordan and Celtic Woman

Kimberly Jordan and Celtic Woman - The Cuddly Heart Dance

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Right in my backyard, I've seen some fluffy bunny rabbits

From my pretty eyes at a very simple glance

The softness really cheers my heart

And nothing breaks the world apart

So now, I'm gonna do the cuddly heart dance

[Chloë Agnew]:

Everybody thinks that life is like a feathered pillow

Shaped like a heart representing romance

I can see the action with unique attraction

So, I'll be the first to learn the cuddly heart dance

[Lisa Kelly]:

I have got a family with some different generations

Holding in me where the sparks make a trance

Right on each and every season

Someone has to stop the treason

For I will come and join the cuddly heart dance

[Méav Ní Mhaolchatha]:

Something tells my heart that most things are good all along

And I can gush to pump up fun when I've got the chance

If I hear that melody, then I can run on crazily

There's no control on me, but I can try the cuddly heart dance

[Órla Fallon]:

My love for all the stars really makes me gleam and shimmer

As they spin and whirl over the skies of Spain and France

Put a flash on Hollywood and make the pretty folks feel good

It's up to me to demonstrate the cuddly heart dance

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Thanks to Kimberly Jordan

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