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My crown of glory, you rappers y'all bore me

Seven billion stories, angels kneel before me

I build it for majority, seniority, I photography

Prophecy, my break conceal maturity

The one man that's more than everyone, minority

I stare in the mirror and see infinity

Deep entities, galaxies and planets

A king leading infantry, I see immortals

Majestic, since boar head the Caesar

The afros, the cornrows

I'm blessed with more flows

Just accept it, no homo

The holder of the rainbow and the volcano

Flows both fierce and precious

My garment alike, these are bar mitts I write

Like the Bar Mitzvah of Christ

Hare Krishna when I'm holding mics

Behold when I spit a sight

Israelite, I could spit death and hell

Dead body's skeletons inside a cold cells

Or the ringer of Church bells

The breaker of spells, the healer

Hopes life is well, the Killah

My raps come out of a shell

The pen hits, my mind click

Tongue led off hot nails

Crucifix, Judas' pix, you wanted to flow

The lifestyle, what if I had doe?

Y'all wanted the gold and all the ice now

I write down, what if I was rich?

None of y'all wouldn't exist

I'm convinced my son is a prince

Under my skin is wonder of men

Kingship, wings sprout pass the genes

Cover my clips; I'm strapped with mac-10's

That murder y'all demons

The suffering poet, the ladder to Imhotep

From the grave of Joseph, the journey like Moses

The mercy of Jehovah, thou requirements

From my higher intelligence, from my wars in heaven

The Lord is my Shepherd, born again

Draw my weapon, days of longing

Strong within, over grave that's storming

I descend and sit in my throne

Out of hells catacomb, the ladder of stones

The castle, I prepare my rhythm and poems

Take off these chains, Priest speaks 700 names

No one is the same, until redemption

My rhyme concealment till the time of revealing

Intertwine, smell the hemp scent

Smoke the weed that's growing in my thoughts

I stand next to the Pale Horse

The captive emcee, the sleeping prophet

Rappers forcing the end, calling on the comet

Rhymes are atomic from out of God's department

Topic, my head is the cave of full winds

The plague, I draw with the pen

Armaged' I saw with my lens

I stand in front of you all

Divided by a Red Sea walls

Look ahead I see shores

Walter Reed, peace, I endure

There, where there's no vacant place or an empty place

Gases avoid, I started with the one thought asteroid

Eye lids open up, solar flux, burdens uncoiled

In this formless mind, the asteroids erupt

The small rocks blew up into dust

I said to my son, my son said to me

That we gather my beam, behold I am the three

Trinity, the words said to myself, let us form a rhyme

My spirit moved across my mind

We debated for days with wordplays

And the word became flesh when I entered the text

Enter my page thru no sex

The rap conception, immaculate

My rap's to die for, the lost lessons

Crucified the rhyme, to rise in three minutes

A new sentence was invented

My rap's adventure is endless

My poetry is strong, my art's pure

But my heart and my rap is relentless

Not to get religious but these rhymes are pictures

Vivid as Black August or historical scriptures

For listeners and visionist

From the carving of the rhymes talk

Awakens an ancient force

Imprisoned in my poem's source

Zone, no limit in the realms of thought

Unborns must die

Loosen up the saddle of the ghost horse galloping in the sky

Divinity track lucky seven, infinity's back

God code's been broke, now his memory's zapped

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