KID ROCK - Say Goodbye (Bonus Track)

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We haven't really talked about it

All we do is walk around it now

I hate to say I thought about it

I wished that we could make this work somehow


It's not really complicated

I can hear it when you sigh

It comes a time we have to face it

Maybe it's just time to say goodbye

(Verse 2)

Lately I can feel us drifting

Even tho the good outweighs the bad

It feels like our world is shifting

And yet, you are the best I've ever had


I still love to watch you sleeping

I still see that look in your eyes

But they're seein' and believin'

That maybe it's just time to say goodbye


Say goodbye to all the times we treasured

Say goodbye, let the chips fall where they lay

Say goodbye, to things we cannot measure

Walk away, say goodbye!

(Guitar solo)

(Verse 3)

I'll remember you forever

I'll remember every single year

Runnin' through the rain and laughin'

And later in our bed we feel so near

And I'll know when I am older

And the clouds fill up the sky

I may look over my shoulder

And no-one was too young to say goodbye

Years from now when I am older

I may sit and wonder why

Will I look over my shoulder?

And know I was too young to say goodbye

I was just too young to say goodbye

To say goodbye!

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