KID ROCK - Johnny Cash lyrics

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I like the French braids in yo hair

And them faded blue jeans that u wear

I like to watch u shoot ur guns

And I like the way u luv havin' fun, oh, baby

I like the way u turn me on

Just like an old Keith Whitley song

I like the way u shake it, work it

10 outta 10, baby you’re perfect!


You know the sun is shinin' on Kentucky

They’re drinkin' Bourbon by the batch

I walk that line becuz u luv me

And I want to be yo Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash!

(Verse 2)

I like the way u hold my hand

And play just like my baby grand

I like how u don’t give a damn

And luv me just the way I am, the way I am



And lay u down in that blue grass

That certain smile hey girl u own it

Come lay yo head here next to mine

You know I cherish every moment

And I luv u till the end of time

End of time, end of time

(Chorus x2)

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