KID ROCK - Happy New Year lyrics

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Happy New Year, Happy New YearLets raise a glass, heres to you dearNow I was hoping that I'd find you hereJust to wish you a Happy New YearKiss me pretty, kiss me prettyWhen that ball drops on New York CityWhen that clock strikes Ill pull you nearJust to wish you Happy New YearIll quit smokin, Ill quit eatinIm not jokin, Ill quit cheatinIll quit cursin, Ill quit drinkinIll be a better person, but tonight Im thinkinLets get shit faced, lets get shit facedLets get into trouble, lets get outta this placeAnd Ill have faith in the coast that you clearSay you love me, Happy New YearWheres my car keys? Wheres my car keys?My place aint too far, we can crawl on our kneesWhat were feelin we cant do hereSexual healing Happy New YearI know your thinkin I must be crazyDont sweat that small stuff, kiss me babyYeah its September, but with you hereEvery night is a Happy New YearHappy New Year Happy New YearLets raise a glass, cheers to you dearIm so glad that I found you hereSo you could be my Happy New Year

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