KID ROCK - Best of Me

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I can’t sing like Marvin Gaye, no

I can’t play that grand piano

I neva was at the top of my class

I neva threw no touchdown pass

All I got is cut glass to stand on

Cos' I neva planned on gettin' my hands on

No kind of cash or a woman like u

That could last the whole life through

But now that you’re here, it seems so clear

Now I ain’t got no southern mansion

And I ain’t much good at slow dancin'

I neva swam the English Channel

And people they say I’m hard to handle

Cos'I’m like a candle in the wind

But where u end is where I begin

And I neva win cos' I’m good at losin'

And thank the Lord I’m good at choosin'

Cos'now that you’re here, it seems so clear


When the lights go down & the music plays

I feel like a king that could sing for days

I know sometimes that we don’t always agree

They scream for more & the more I give

It takes a toll on the way we live

Please forgive me baby & try & see

Yeah, try & see, please try & see

That u get the best of me

(Verse 2)

Now I didn’t make no reservations

And I didn’t plan no great vacation

Cos' I’ve been chasin' rain drops fallin'

Runnin' from love when it keeps callin'

And I know u think I’m just playin' the field

But let me show u girl what’s real

Cos'I’m all in like a crazy gambler

And though I don’t have all the answers

Now that you’re here, it seems so clear

(Chorus x2)

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