KID ROCK - Ain't Enough Whiskey

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They talk about money, talk about jobs

Talk about religion & playin' the odds

Talk about freedom, talk about faith

They talkin' bout takin' my guns away


Monkeys in suits writin' laws & rules

They just bicker & fight

But I ain’t got to listen to them goddamn fools

Cuz I know what’s right


Ain’t enough whiskey, women & wine

Ain’t enough money, stitches & time

Moonshine honey, lil white line

Ain’t enough change to change my mind

Rock on

(Verse 2)

They talk about the greedy, talk about the poor

They talkin' about sendin' my daughter to war

Talk about spendin', talk about pay

They talk about defendin' the N.S.A.




I might be crazy but I ain't no fool

I got 'em red blooded, woah, one rule


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