Keziah Jones

Keziah Jones - 72 Kilos

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From honey to the honey bee,honey bee

to honey

From this "Black Orpheus" and his guitar

to Eurydice

From J'J from good times the dope

to the Black Superhero

72 kilos of nigerian weed

I'm rugged in London/Tokyo, I'm rugged

in "Paree"

From immigration to Mc Donalds with a

false identity

From an university degree to driving a taxi

72 kilos of nigerian weed

I'm there in the place where they do the "419"

I'm Mobutu's tailor I am Mrs Sanni

Abacha's Shrink

From cursed be Canaan in the book to

the "Blacker The Berry" thing

72 kilos of nigerian weed

From Brazil Cuba Yoruba to Afro paradise

From Ra-ra Orisha to Fela and his "wives"

From music war and sexy books to a nuclear

form of "rice"

72 kilos of nigerian weed

Nigerian weed

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