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Kendall Payne - Small lyrics

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Are you lonely for a friend? Are you lonely for a fantasy? Do you feel like talking back at me or would you like it quiet now? Well its hard to understand, what with all my inexperience You say I’ve lost my innocence, but I haven’t missed it if it’s gone Would you kindly take my hand feel it pulsing with complexity The days are dawning dark on me since you been round you brought me down to your size You’re so small no one can fit inside your world And it kinda makes me mad, but it mostly makes me sad for you The hoops that you keep jumping through will trip you up or break you down When you find yourself alone when they’ve all betrayed and broke your trust You’ll see the truth inside of us was always there, just you were scared to believe And you like it, you like it that way And you want for me to hurt just like you have hurt for countless years With no one there to catch your tears, it is justified in your mind I am sorry for your chains, but I will not wear them as my own From here I think we’ll walk alone but I doubt you’ll find your peace of mind when I’m gone

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