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Life gets a little better, life gets a little gray Live it up, live it long you can always count on Those unexpected moments when the pleasure just sweeps you away We were made for something better Something better than this inconsistency So while you wait to respond what's really going on Under shame, under doubt, what's the whole thing all about Sing to me It's like a rollercoaster 100 miles fast Spins you round in circles till you want to collapse Makes you so excited you can't wait for your second chance Love gets a little moldy Especially when it's you I'm trying to love And the road gets so long seems so hard to sing along But I can't imagine any other I would rather be dreaming of We are riding on the shoulders of the ones who've come before and the ones who've passed away Some are good, some are bad, some are all we've ever had To compare to prepare us for everything we are facing today Some are good, some are bad, some are all we've ever had Some are tired, some are bored, some still stuck on keeping score Some are kind, some are mean, some are never to be seen Some are tired, some are weak, some are lying through their teeth Some can love, some can hate I can relate

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