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Kendall Payne - Lines lyrics

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Gather along the lines, Gather along the lines. You’ll be safe inside so gather along the lines No one has to know as long as you don’t smoke those cigarettes You can keep your heart of stone and say you forgive but you don’t ever forget We can’t keep this up much longer, Grace is driving the hardest bargain The perfect world we have construced keeps more people out than lets them come in So let it shine if you’ve got any light left Let it rise and sing as loud as you can get We’ve got to live, we’ve got to laugh, we’ve got to love We’ve got to learn to breath outside the lines We got to learn to be outside the lines Gather along the lines Gather along the lines Keep your prejudice and pride Just gather along the lines Everyone will think that you are so important to the Lord But never bend you knee oh that wasted time you can’t seem to afford We were caught inside the bubble, some sense of family some sense we belonged And when we pleased them they were happy but God forbid that we should ever do wrong I don’t think he’s threatened when we ask questions when we have doubts and disbelief I don’t think he’s angry when we are human that’s what he made us to be

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