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I can't sleep it's Sunday morning I get no peace when you're away I thought the stars were finally for us I read 'em wrong, they're brewing hurricanes Take these arms we call our home And feel just what is true They sky ain't moving me away, it's the sky that's moving you I can't breathe it's all too sudden You made your move and by surprise I've been caught again in danger Divorce myself or be your bride Take these words of right and wrong And tell me how they fit When I'm wrong for loving me And you're right, I just can't quit I wanna be free to be happy again I wanna be told that you love who I am And if it's a spark that you're missing Then maybe you should try and hold my hand I wanna be happy again I can't choose between now and never Our baby boy he's almost five And he needs both his momma and daddy And I won't make him choose a side Take these roads we travel And tell me where they lead You sold me heaven but gave me hell And with every step I bleed

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