KELLY CLARKSON - Second Wind lyrics

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Why do we build up all these idols

Just to watch 'em fall?

You're wearing the crown, toast of the town

But no one takes your call


Yeah maybe I've been down, down, down, down

But I always come back around, round, round, round, yeah


You can't forget about me

While you weren't lookin' I was gettin' even higher

Say what you wanna ‘bout me

Your words are gasoline on my fire

You can hate me, underestimate me

Do what you do cuz what you do don't faze me

Just when you think I'm at the end

Any second I'mma catch my second wind


An airplane's only paper 'til it finds a breeze

But don't you know that it's the low that makes the high so sweet?

When they try to break, break, break you

That's when you get your break, break, breakthrough, yeah






I'mma catch my second wind x 4


I'mma catch my second wind x 2


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