KELLY CLARKSON - Bad Reputation lyrics

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My love's a weapon and I'm knocking 'em dead

I got a heart that's tough as leather

Get what I want and just forget 'em

Well this game you're playing is a Russian Roulette

Just cuz I'm sweet when we're together

Doesn't mean I'm yours forever

I never should have looked into your eyes

Now everybody's gonna see how I feel


Don't go ruining, ruining my, my bad reputation

Don't go telling 'em, telling 'em all the plans we've been making

Cuz everyone knows that I don't cry

You never see stars shining in my eyes

Ruining, ruining my, my bad reputation,

Ooh no, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, no, no


Well I tell 'em, tell 'em, yeah you're nothing to me

I tell 'em that you, you're just another

You're just like any other

Well I try to sell them but they ain't buying it

Baby they see me start to stutter

When they ask if you're my lover

I'm losin’ sleep, what's gotten into me?

I'm usually never this way, baby



I have got to pull myself together but I can't control it

My lips, they know what they want, everybody knows it

Once a girl, controlled the world with words that pierced the bone

Now I'm smiling like a lovesick pup and everybody knows it, yeah


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