Keisha Cole

Keisha Cole - I Should've Cheated

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first of all let me say

you can't accuse me of all the things

you know that you are guilty of

and i see that it is

easy for you to blame eveything on me

if thats the case i should go have my fun

and do all the things you say i do

boy i cant continue to take this from u


I might as well have

cheated on you, (you)

as much as you accuse me of cheating

i might as well have lied to you, (oh)

as much accuse me of lying

i might as well have gone to the club

as much as you accuse me of clubbing

i might as well have gave away my love

as much as you accuse me... i should've cheated

let me say i was out

with somebody else when my girl

told me she saw you with some girl

but i didnt accuse you of something that

i didnt see myself, realize

that i would never do anything to disrespect u

trust me you gotta stop accussing me


dont you know i wish i knew

that you would treat me this way

if you dont promise me

that you change your ways im leaving today,

and i aint coming back

and you made it like that

wasn't fair to me, all this jealousy

im your everything, what will u do without me?

why you tripping?

ooh baby


I should've lied

I should've cheated

Baby I should've went out to the club

Oh baby I, I should've done it

I should've given away all my love

Or maybe I, I should've played you

because you don't appreciate me

And i tried to stay down with you

But you're making it hard for me!


I should've Cheated

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