Keisha Cole

Keisha Cole - Down And Dirty

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Chorus: x2

I wana get

u wana get

lets go n get down n dirty baby

play the game

play ma way

eitha way

its all the same baby

you're the type of guy to drive a girl round

and you're the type of guy to make a girl sound

boy you got me tripping deep down the side

and all these feelings for you that i have i cant hide

people sayy

dont get down with you

but i knoww

how i feel for you

nooo....he dint deny it

i pickin you and thas howw whyyy

[chorus: x2]

there aint no wayy

they can make think i shud go awayy

i been around you baby every day

and this song i sing

every word i mean

coz i cant stop sumthin since ma lover

baby dont stop your touch

i can never get enough

sweetie feeli eva

with your precious love

coz this is how i wana gett



baby baby playy

oo yeaa

ooo please believe mee


o baby



baby playy

[chorus: x2]

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