Kawir - Gaia

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Oh! Gaia, great goddess who gives life to<br />

Everything that lives and grows on the infinite body.<br />

Embrace the boundless areas.<br />

In other long forgotten worships.<br />

They call for thee by the inexpressible names.<br />

And also inexpressible is the name of the mountain.<br />

They were the priests carrying torches<br />

To invoke the speaking words that the<br />

Human minds cannot comprehend.<br />

<br />

Gaia, all mighty goddess<br />

<br />

In your endless body the gave birth to the tartars.<br />

The dreadful tartars.<br />

There were no life exists but only shadows.<br />

The shadows of the past.<br />

Thou mingled with the universe and gave birth to fearful gods.<br />

Oh! Great mother I call thee.<br />

Saw me the ancient secrets.<br />

Give me the universe's being.<br />

Give me eternal life.<br />

Give me the knowledge of the black arts.<br />

<br />

Oh! Gaia.

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