Kate Rusby

Kate Rusby - The Unquiet Grave

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How pleasant is the wind tonight I feel some drops of rain I never had but one true love In greenwood he lies slain I'll do so much for my true love As any young girl may I'll sit and mourn all on your grave For twelve months and a day The twelve months and a day being up The ghost began to speak Why sit you here and mourn for me And you will not let me sleep What do you want of me sweetheart Oh what is it you crave Just one kiss of your lily white lips And that is all I crave Oh don't you see the fire sweetheart The fire that burns so blue Where my poor soul tormented is All for the love of you And if you weren't my own sweetheart As I know you well to be I'd rend you up in pieces small As leaves upon a tree Mourn not for me my dearest dear Mourn not for me I crave I must leave you and all the world And turn into my grave

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