Kate Rusby

Kate Rusby - The Cobbler'S Daughter

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I am a cobbler's daughter I'm thought of rude and mean But a finer and a bonnier lass You have never seen I've plagued my father's head For my life I wouldn't wed And my mother's in the prison cause of me There was a handsome young man Who used to live near me If I went out, if I went in He'd always follow me I'll never rue the day It happened as I say I led him to my chamber room to see I led him to my chamber So we could be alone And knowing that my mother And my father were at home He kissed me on the cheek And I screamed till I was weak My father came a running to the door He's jumped upon the young man As I was standing by But he brought his fist behind his head And thumped him in the eye Then my mother heard the din Up the stairs she did begin With a broom for a weapon she held high Out ran the young man To the stairs straightway But my mother she was waiting Like a raging bull I'd say She's hit him on the head The young man fell like lead Quite dead upon the floor he lay

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