Kate Rusby

Kate Rusby - Some Tyrant

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Some tyrant has stolen my true love away And here in old England I can no longer stay I'll cross the wide ocean, ne'er on my bed rest In search of my true love that I love the best. When that I've found out my joy and my delight I will welcome her kindly by day and by night. Here's a health to all others that are loyal and just And here's confusion to the rivals that lives in distrust. There's Venus and Volum they are both joined as one, So keep yourselves single as you and I have done, So keep yourselves single and constant I'll retire Unto her like some Venus that flourishes like fire. The bugle shall speak and the serpent shall sing There'll be instruments of music for to make the valleys ring. Oh the huntsman he'll holler and the hounds make their noise For to fill my love's heart with ten thousand bright joys. Repeat first verse I know not where I'll find the one I love the best

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