Kate Rusby

Kate Rusby - I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love This Night

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I wonder what is keeping my true love this night I wonder what is keeping him out of my sight I wonder if he knows of the pain I endure And stays from me this night I'm not sure Oh love are you coming your cause to advance Or yet are you waiting for a far far better chance Are you coming for to tell me you've a new love in store Or are you coming for to tell me you love me no more For I can love lightly and I can love strong I can love the old love till the new love comes on I only said I loved you for to give your heart ease And when I'm not with you I'll love whom I please There's gold in my pocket and pain in my heart For I can't love a man with too many sweethearts You're my first and only false love but it's lately I knew That the stronger I loved you the falser you grew The spring grass grows the greenest and spring water runs clear I'm sorry and tormented for the love of my dear Your love it lies so lightly as the dew on the thorn That's there in the evening and away with the dawn

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