Kate Rusby

Kate Rusby - As I Roved Out

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As I roved out one fine May morning, To view the meadows and flowers gay, Who should I spy, but my own true lover As she sat by yon willow tree. I took off my hat and I did salute her, I did salute her most courageously. As she turned around, the tears fell from her Saying, False young man, you've deluded me. And the diamond ring I behold I gave to you, A diamond ring to wear on your right hand. But the vows you made, love, you went and broke them And you wed the lassie who has the land If I wed the lassie who has the land, my love, It's that I'll rue 'till the day I die. When misfortune falls, sure the man my shun it. It was my fault, that I'll not deny. And at night when I go to my bed of slumber The thoughts of my love are in my mind. As I turn around to embrace my darling, instead of gold, sure 'tis brass I find. And I wish the queen would bring home her armies From the West Indies, America and Spain. And every man to his wedded woman Oh in hopes that I might be with thee again

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