Kate Rusby

Kate Rusby - All God'S Angels

rate me

Will you marry me sir

Oh tether me down

For I am too free

Will you walk hand in hand with me

For I do carry a child by thee

Oh madam, I'll not marry thee

For I'm married away

And I'll always be

I'll not walk hand in hand with thee

Even though you've a child by me

Oh sir, heartbroken I'll be

Is she finer than I

Is she tall and lean

Is she the rarest you've ever seen

Of your own heart is she the queen

Oh madam, she's twenty of thee

She's tall and she's lean

How she smiles on me

She's the rarest, she is my queen

I'll never care for a girl like thee

Oh sir, than shamed am I

I'll run to the fields

And it's there I'll lie *die*

There God's Angels will around me fly

There they'll care for my child and I

Thanks to TW for these lyrics

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