Kate Nash

Kate Nash - fuck it

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nothing much to say.

i met a bloke.

nothing much though.

i met a bloke.

woz out in the park,

just sittin down, then i saw him

but he was

with another gal

with another gal

not much to say.

but i saw him later and

my heart began to throb.

never had i felt this way before...

apperently you'd gone and

dumped that old hag,

i werent guilty or nothin

i just wanted more, from you.

but there was that bitch, a snake in the making,

trying to hold your hand.

i wouldn't let this one go so

i stuck with him all night

yeh. fuck it. you stupid twat.

next day.

at 9 clock at night

i went

out 'bout for a gig

and accidently on purpose bumped

into you.

oh yeh you now know

that i kinda like you.

another stupid prostitute was,

hangin round the corner waitin

for you.

so i, lead you a way.

not to go a stray.

i wanted them dead

with their bleached hair

and their friggin bad

*make up*

ooh fuck it you stupid cows

but again yeh

there was that bitch a snake in the


trying to hold your hand

i wouldnt let this one go

so i stuck with you the whole night through.

so fuck it,. *you twat*

shut up yah bitch.

*shut up*

next day,

i never ment it to be this way

i gotta hangover.

yeh i never meant it to be this way

coz there was that bitch

a snake in the making

wasn't even trying.

simply holding your hand.

a pullin you.

she was kissin you.

oh fuck it.

wot a state i am.

fuck that bitch.

a snake in the making

with her bleached blonde hair.

go fuck it you bitch.

have him if you must


desperate cow.

nothing much to say.

but id never felt that way before

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