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Karl Wolf - Make Ya Dance lyrics

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feat. Culture

Wanna make ya dance x 2

Let’s go


So I’ll be lovin’, be lovin’ life

I’ll be loving, be loving life

So I’ll be lovin’, be loving life

2 of my people came on in the club just to dance

Look around all the person on slow jams

This is the sum of our life, yeah

People stand on the street got nothin’ to lose

Put your weapons down and try get lose

Now we dance to survive

Cuz I don’t wanna fight



[Ooh she’s everywhere

So make ya dance, just wanna make ya dance] x 2


Just drop and lose, you so heazy

Turn this hit to dark side yeah

Then we’ll be free to live in magic

All this night, life a paradise

Cuz I don’t wanna fight

(Hook) + (Bridge)

(Verse: Culture)

Get on dance, time on suck and we climb boots

Sipping on the club and then rock to the beat

Worst killer on this size and fit

Call the people on the club just to watch her how she do

Can’t stop her, hit and lock all the shit

Or DJ Bizy, it’s why we never busy

Tryin’ and tryin’ then get all rarity

Big boy Dj get all the debase

(Hook) + (Bridge)

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