Karl Wolf

Karl Wolf - Clubs Where My Heart Is lyrics

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Tonight the clubs where my heart is x 4

Ooh, ooh,


DJ. Turn the music up, up cuz

Can’t get enough cuz,

This beat is sick, I wanna kill it the dance floor

We got them bottles popping, and sexy bodies dropping

Keep, keep on going, now the room jump-jumpin’


Leave the problems, they’re already done, done

Leave the struggle til the sunshine comes

Cuz everybody’s feeling what everybody’s feeling

Come on and shout it out



Right now the club it’s gettin’ hot so

Fi-fire and hot, so

You-you don’t like it like a weapon in the drop so

This feeling is too equal, all my beautiful people

Rai-raise your hands up if you’re ready for more

Everybody got a VIP

Everybody got the LUV

We take it to the wire, so the worlds on fire

Come on let’s shine

(Hook x 2) + (Bridge) + (Hook x 2)

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