Kardinall Offishall

Kardinall Offishall - W.I. Philosophi (featuring Miss Raeline) lyrics

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[Miss Raelene]






No matter which part you come from

No matter who you think you are

You could be a bad man from uptown

Or a wicked youth from Bermuda

No matter

When it comes to your mother you're soft like over ripe plantin

Those who disrespect their mothers disrespect themselves

You can tell your brethren to *fuck* off

But you can't tell your mother you love her

Boy you're soft

Come now how you so

How you sky larkin so how you sleepin

What happened to you

For you don't find people spend enough time to make sure you grow the right way

You'll find yourself in a jail cell next to all the rest of your friends now go ahead

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