Kardinall Offishall

Kardinall Offishall - The Anthem lyrics

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Where are you from? Canda

Everybody on the left

Everybody on the right

In the front in the back

Let them know where you’re from


I’m from ..

Raping everywhere I go

Everybody from ..

This is where we’re calling home

I’m from ..

Raping everywhere I go

Million people like you all

This is where we’re calling home

Yeah I’m from the…

Hot from the .. flows

It’s cold when the airplanes land in the ….

Home of the black …proper English

Rap it like is my game that’s why I sing this

.. red and white like Coca Cola classic

…Good people got blasted

So we pull a little liquor out think about how we past it

Real figures here never seen an eskimo

I love where I’m from


Yeah I’m from … one way for …

Every area .. the whole team

My Italians .. Africans same team

Portuguese get them in

Philippines rock with me

.. holding the block with me

So many faces like we’re .. Olympics

Greatest city ever after dawn you better think quick

Club district parking like ..

We got hotter women than any city admit it

We’re number one

Check out the figures we’re getting

No apologies and never quitting


Born alone die alone

But I’m never on my own

.. true what I was shown

I’m a product of .. and social workers

Free years at university and .. burgers

All from underground black businesses

.. immigrants from long distances

Working class people stole some other privileges

Any way you look at it we’re seeing past differences

Yo I am multicultural

Hands at my ear listening like …

And all I’m hearing we’re the greatest surround .. my town


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