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Kardinall Offishall - Sweet Marie (featuring Nicole Sinclair) lyrics

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[Kardinal Offishall]

Sweet Marie

CHORUS [Nicole Sinclair]

So sweet so sweet so sweet

Oh sweet Marie, Marie, Marie

So sweet so sweet so sweet

Oh come on, sweet Marie

So sweet so sweet so sweet


So sweet so sweet so sweet

[Kardinal Offishall]

Sweetest Marie, it is to thee that I dedicate

Me, myself and I for all of eterni-tie

Without you I wouldn't have made it this far, this far

Tell me how to live right and how to live wrong too

But it only made me stronger

Wisest of wise enough, strongest of the strong

Now who love what I see

In life, before me, stands a headstrong woman

Overworked and underpaid, stress ridden

First class middle class person

Type rehearsing of your values

Made an easy path for me to be who I be (let's see)

One half of my creation, 100% Jamaican

50% T-dot, 50% not anything mentioned before

But pure unadulterated love

Even though sometimes I can't get down with your actions

I'm passing that, for the positive things that I see in you

Dedicated to the one sweet Marie


[Kardinal Offishall]

Giving birth to a black man in this land

Is similar to angels being placed in the palm of the devil's hand

Corruption all around and surrounded by greed and lust

And trust (trust), that you will appear when the sun

But I am not one, all praises due to my mother

I love my father too, but sweet Marie there ain't no other

That show me more than you, how to stay out of the devil's reaches

Pushing me to profit, rocking funky in peaches

Society's leeches, teachers do yourself

And all your sister's need, in pursuit of higher wealth

Sweet Marie regardless of the treatment of your family

Despite of what you don't have, you'll always have me

'Cause me and you we're tight, you respect my life's path

When I'm in a position, in those who deserve it feel the wrath

Of disrespecting you, we have the highest principles of blood

It runs thicker than water, but hurts

That's when eye's blood, sweet Marie


[Kardinal Offishall]

Staying at a friend's house, 'cause Hydro is not paid

Suffering in the dead of winter left dreaming of a grave

Or atleast someone to save, is the feelings I remember

Cold play in the Shakespeare on the Holy in December

Never lived in the ghetto but suffer the circumstance

Circumstantial evidence reveals the nature of my residence

My presence and present, is the love and strength of blackness

Fibers of a genocide and presence during Mantis(?)

Because of my Mom, I've experienced parts of life

My nigga could not relate to, but whose to shay that it's for better

Couldn't afford to buy me leather, but my body stayed warm

Couldn't afford to buy me diamonds, but I still had charm

She could afford to give me knowledge, and teach to speak truth

She taught me black lies were white reali-tie

Forever and a day gee, I will bleed for my family

F-O-S brothers and the one sweet Marie


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