Kardinall Offishall

Kardinall Offishall - Madmoizellez

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INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] {Female voice}

So what's going on?

{Well, you know. Things have been happening}

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

You always talk that things have been happening stuff

You know what I'm saying

I want thinks to be happening between me and you

You know mean

{Oh everything's cool and everything, but I don't know}

{I don't know, I just don't know}

Yo, I don't have time for that I don't know stuff

You know what I'm saying, I'm ready to do this now

You know mean

I'm a man who's used to not settling down with one girl you know but

Yo, like for real I'm break myself down you know I want you to be with me

You know what I'm saying

[Kardinal Offishall]

Yo, first things first

I Kardinal seems to always find a way

To strip my soul of a bad man's status

The phone apparatus seems to be my killer

Before the soundwaves slices my heart all of my insides tenses

All of my senses telling me the next flex

‘Cause my Madmoizellez, tone suggest I am alone

Madmoizelle have a different face, different body same character

Because it lives within the nature, that's why it's natu-ral to the Offishall

That I should live for the time, so that I won't lose my mind

Word up

To give you artificial, hoping futuristic dreams about a never-ending team

What the fail to neglect, is that in retrospect

Why they take a piece of you, what you receiving isn't true (word up)

How many times you hear that I'm gonna, we're gonna

Check it, just get to steppin' cause you're damaging my reppin'

My best friend's suppose to be my ace

When both of we is genuine, then I might let you shine Madmoizelle

My best friend's suppose to by my ace

When both of we is genuine, then I might let you shine Madmoizelle

CHORUS [Wade O. Brown]

Baby when I know

I know how to leave Madmoizelle

I will put you on as well

There's no fronting, all of we can do

I know you can be my Madmoizelle

I was with you on as well

There's no stopping all of we can do

[Kardinal Offishall]

I was lead to believe that both of we would be

In the same vicinity, for infinity

Check the lyricy, talks of walking, sexin' in parks after dark

Turn to private relation, for word sensation

Dreams of my seed having you there to raise him right

And while he's sleeping, I can bust a lyric to your heart heating

I bear with

But those weren't suppose to be an option

After crossing lines of manhood, tears we both feared

But I knew I wasn't gonna, as long as I had you in my corner

But then you as a friend started to disappear

I couldn't hear what you was saying

Just, the Madmoizelle's face displaying

Enough young, but old enough to know the best is incomprehendable

The grasp of life you possess, if you taught me something

It was to be solo on the search, you should be attached to no one

Ambilicals was cut at birth, Madmoizelle


[Kardinal Offishall]

Where you were carasseing me, emotionally undressing me

I couldn't wait for the next session and counting blessings

Now that you were part of life, living through dramas wasn't nothin'

No fronting, your aspiration let me know that you were something

A mind's travel to distance places, on top of mountains

Touching the sky together through different climates and weather

But this was all reduced to a verbal seduce

When I was introduced to past, all that going too fast isht

Once bitten, twice shy, once written Eye & I

Seen many doves cry but I never heard you lie

Still the one thing that scares me is that you're true

Although it's ripping me apart, can't go back and stop supporting you

Breddrens for life, nobody else could share your title

Besides God, money and Mom, it's in you that I see you knight

Looking in your eyes is poof, with powers of bud

It's a wonder that we never made love.


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