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Kardinall Offishall - Jeevin' (Life) (featuring Jully Black) lyrics

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INTRO [Kardinal Offishall]

Life X3

It's life y'all, life

Word up, life

Uh, can you feel it?


Life, we bring you in the light like this

CHORUS [Jully Black]

Life is so sweet, thank the Lord for my days

Oh, I'm living for today, life might be here went away

Life is so sweet, thank the Lord for my days

Oh, I'm living for today, life might be here went away

[Kardinal Offishall]

Lordy lordy, you took another body

But he didn't cause trouble, didn't bother nobody

He was, just a man trying to rock the mic

But a bullet took his life, aw man

Now my breadren eternally is wearing a dress suit with a shiny shoe

Far stretched from a Gortex don't you think?

I did, now all my man sees is eyelids

Dreams turned into seven, prayers closer to Heaven

Left his baby mother two weeks overdue

Now the two join him, so what side it's truth

Manifiested, because the bless-ed seem to go first

Experience afterlife, the first light since birth

Since we live amoung demons also known as Government

Gangsters and hookers made to walk the cement

But I (I), Kardinal know the true flow

I have no enemies, but every nigga is a foe

And that's life


[Kardinal Offishall]

Yo, life is what you do, choices between your crew or your girl

I say f- the both of them and struggle solo

Or so I tend to seek a bend in the road of life, mode of trifeness

As brothers I was running with, dead and walking lifeless

See the niceness is what you should be seeking

When you... on the streets and the madness is peaking

And you... should sit back and recollect

Whether your self worth is in your hard work or a piece of leather

More niggas worship idle Gods and call themselves what they pray to

I sit back and meditate to clear my mind off all external pressure

Sometimes pleasure of the body makes my mental feel lesser

Guilt's a bitch when living for now instead of for the scripture

But your afterlife will catch up with your Mister or misses kisses

When I get you in my will and test the money, I find it funny

Since I'm broke in the soul, my spirit's searching for longevity

Ducking from stray shots is taking the best of me

But I will maintain, success has a stain upon my brain

What you make will remain, and that's life


[Jully Black]

Life's so sweet

You gotta thank the Lord for life

You gotta thank the Lord for life

[Kardinal Offishall]

I want to be there to see the eyes of my baby girl

Born into the world of chaos, money, AIDS and violence

Silence breaks my concentration in my private world

Organize, organize so I can flex with my boys

Inside the lance will corrupt, trying to stick you for nothing

Greed, sloth and five others are fillling up my brohters

Word up

Enemy is becoming a part of me and I'm all shooting glocks is making the block hot

Spots rock, ‘cause niggas realize in between their finger

Thinking buring completes the circle of being a rap singer

The slogan used to be Just Say No, but now just say yo!

And you as high as the sky go

Imagine my mother said turn the other cheek

But nowadays that will get you sprayed on your back you'll lay

If I can't trust you, then unity never will exist

It's the gritty quoted, yes it's just the life in the city

Word life


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