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Kardinall Offishall - Husslin' lyrics

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INTRO [Kardinal Offishall]

Don't miss the beat

Aiyo my eastside people let me hear yo!

I wanna hear you yes (2x)

Aiyo my westside people let me hear yo!

I wanna hear you yes (2x)

Yo we in a rush

[Kardinal Offishall]

Yo, pass me the keys to the truck so I can start my Husslin'

(Yo we in a rush)

Turn up the speakers so my words shine through

My nigga them street cats will hussle you

YO, we gotta live positive, or positive

Action is your perogative

Clips be sparklin in the parkin lot while time gets dark

We celebratin with the crew

My nigga what else could we do?

Hand to hand passin' contraband

YO, runnin' from Babylon

YO, making the money 'cause, YO, that's the solution

Yo they wont hire my brothers to work a 9-5

So instead of suicide, we Husslin to stay alive

My peeps dont wanna live off of them government checks

So we take the STREET, we gotta BEAT

And make em move to the BEAT

Your gunfinga in the air, for prisoners on lock

Your gunfinga in the air, for revolution pon cock

Gettin paid out the books this year

We wanna cocoa butter in large amounts (that's cream)

No doubt, cause we be

CHORUS [Kardinal Offishall]

(Husslin, Husslin.... yo)

Aiyo my people in the streets

Husslin, Husslin.... yo)

B-Boys from West to East

(Husslin, Husslin.... yo)

The real will never decrease

(Husslin, Husslin.... yo yo yo)

Because we be Husslin Husslin Husslin Husslin.......

You gotta do the Hussle

You and your crew the Hussle

Aiyo we be Husslin Husslin Husslin.....

[Kardinal Offishall]

Can I get a Yeow! (Yeow!)

Aiyo can I get another one Yeow! (Yeow!)

I'm representin' for my hustlers on the go

No chatter, long term doesn't matter baby mama

'Nuff drama she wants her new Guess vest

She's husslin' me to impress

She want child support

But my seed has never ever seen his daddy before

She said if I don't go the loot

She'll take me to court

Tell the police on the side I'm makin' fake passports

Aiyo who's husslin' who?

The politicians or the criminals

Herb hustlers or smugglers, record labels or rap

Yo can I get a soul clap?

Words are infinite

Rhymes are untouchable, in the skies are the limit

Yo, some people husslin' because then cant make rent

They 9-5 makin' them 95 dollas and 10 cents

(Yo people all around the world)

They husslin' to stay alive

When ya hussle do it for the Eye & I


[Kardinal Offishall]

Yo, well see ya!

Mr. Kardinal rockin' non-stop

Husslin' from uptown and cop a fat drop top

Yo, my Circle bustin' husslin' records from day one

Figure IV to Kneedeep, Capital Hill on the gun

Sliver House And the Girl keepin' the rhythms damn tight

(Tight) Pick up the slack my A.S.R in the back

Yo, the way I bust my hussle

Positive muscle and motion

Husslin' from east to west coastin'

Toastin', the players in the rap game controllin' the dice

You dont have to be a shot caller to show them brothers you're nice

Just do yo thing baby

Straight from up above naturally

And I'm a fan one love

Can I get Yeow! (Yeow!)

Can I get another one yeow (Yeow!)

I'm representin for the T-Dot O (O!)

Aiyo can I get another one, yeow (Yeow!)

Yeow, yeow, yeow

Because we be


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