Kardinal Offishall

Kardinal Offishall - Kill Shot

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I was told you better never pull it out

unless you're gonna use it

real life talk no music

chase use to keep it then the back seat

ride it in the Monday

kept it on Sunday, Sunday super jean

never let me hold it

but trust me here to close

I wasn't held

kitchen fascinated by the toast

till the first time niggas flashed on me

homie try to bless on me

from that time I had a different perspective

lot of niggas hold when they're not respected

my nigga is hold on me cheap

guns more than he do chip in the..clip

he said in the rock ..when it's cruising in the whipping

and in the A where he'll be living

certain niggas might trippin

tryin to figure up

talk about your life for the beam

his daughter need to daddy

so he's got all he hit up

I kind of understand D us ..

niggas don't..when they need money for rent

and the jobs ain't hiring

the same feeling boys drop around stunting

big wale enough, you ain't secure the clock is the cure

freshly if you think your..is on shirt

if you grow up with no value in life then it's ..

to the bullets like fish to the night

the graduation, no diploma no celebration

nigga draw of like the..into animation

the same GaO ..boys never will become a man

and this is disturbing diming over ..

argument because it wasn't in control come on

when they say we animals we always take offense

but we never think it over when I boy i get attent

to get reaching for a machine while shoot erotically

who catch that nigga yeah a ..to battery

..could call em in the trip

turn me in the..shit

the forty got click the..crazy do not forget the sick

this not about the gun is more about the nigga with it

the more you ..got your suit fit it

so niggas I know how they fire I'm fit it

some niggas I know how I'm kid it

kids running around but my bullets still in it

all I remember to straight victim to..

gonna kill nobody people kill people

the media usually ask me to talk on it

not..chock a bank so I rock on it

it remind me of the neighborhoods where I used to play

you ca still hear the..

4o..desert the..

smiffing with some magnum finger on the trig

saw ..on shto man on the palm

niggas don't make a ..

inside the AKA..

dealing with the..need to torture

is the man before the..


inside the AKA..it's a kill shot

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Tuesday 20th of March 2012 15:01
i was really thinking at him these last few days and now he gets out this new song!! crazy! and by the way,it's a great song!!! waiting for more