Kanye West

Kanye West - Hell Of Life

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Kanye west verse

pop queens, how many topless, black foxes,

did I have under my bealt, like boxers, not to brag but if it add up, 1,2 its mad nuts,

dame you mad nuts,

how you gon call out all these, these niggas know a damn what they gon call me, the only dream of the ghetto prom queen,

was to make it to the screen, baby get seen,

maybe get chose by a nigga from a team,

head so good he dont ask for a preen,

now ask yourself this question,

would you be jay z if he wasnt C.E, would you be with F A B O if he drove with NE-YO, would you drive with NE-YO if he was in G.O,

oh why the hell you think these niggas coming at me for,since they all fallin my poem, i take a trio

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